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  • When you Invest in Outdoor, Point of sale or Retail Advertising

    track all your campaigns through snapooh and ensure near zero wastage, Brand Compliance & Audit
Self monitor your campaigns

Get auditable photo evidence on the status of your campaigns anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Empower your local representative with snapooh mobile app and gather all the monitor information on a single snapooh repository inbox.

We get you going in three simple steps.

Create your snapooh account

Ask your vendors, agencies, installers to provide monitoring proof using snapooh

See all your campaign data at one place with extensive reports and analytics

That's it and now see the magic of snapooh monitoring and analytics working for you.

Receive updates with auditable photos instantly

Demand service providers to provide you with photographic evidence of their services using snapooh and receive instant updates with auditable photos from them directly in your inbox.

Powerful image matching technology

Our image matching functionality uses distinct pixel features to analyze visual content and identify matching images between monitor images and reference campaign creative. The monitor images get sorted to the respective campaigns automatically. It will also highlight any error or defects. This gives you complete control on your campaign with doing any hard work.

Brand Compliance, Visual Monitoring

With all monitor images at one place, received at almost real-time, you have not complete control on your brand image in outdoor space. Ensure right creative is being used for the respective campaign. Organized visual tracking helps you detect issues and take corrective action to protect your brand image.

Define hierarchy and access control

Users within an organization are given different access controls based on need and hierarchy to keep the day to day operations in order.

Your campaign, Your data

Your campaign data is always with you, it does not get locked with any proprietary software your service provider is using Campaign wise, all the information gets stored on the snapooh server which can be accessed by you anytime for analysis and audits

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